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Our mission at Rolab is simple – to provide safe, high quality segway hoverboards to the United Kingdom. All of our boards have achieved CE certification, meeting all EU regulations. The majority of ‘grey imports’ offer poor quality components, flawed circuit designs and non-existent overcharge protection. Rolab hoverboards are designed with the highest quality components and rigorous design. We can provide certificates of quality upon request.

We’re so confident in our products that we offer a 60-day return policy and a 1-year warranty. If you have any questions/queries about our service and products, we’re here to help. Speak to our phone support team between 9am and 5pm on 0161 667 1475. If these times are not convenient for you, send us an email through our 'contact us' section. We hope to hear from you soon!

Sale! Rolab R1 Red Hoverboard Segway

R1 Red Swegway Hoverboard

£229.99 £199.99
Sale! Rolab R2 8 inch gold Hoverboard Swegway

R2 Gold Swegway Hoverboard

£299.99 £249.99
Sale! Rolab R2 8 inch blue Hoverboard Swegway

R2 Blue Swegway Hoverboard

£299.99 £249.99
Sale! Rolab R1 Blue Hoverboard Segway

R1 Blue Swegway Hoverboard

£229.99 £199.99

R1 Pink Camo Swegway Hoverboard

£239.99 £199.99

R1 Blue Camo Swegway Hoverboard

£239.99 £199.99
Sale! Rolab R1 White Hoverboard Segway

R1 White Swegway Hoverboard

£229.99 £199.99

R1 Green Camo Swegway Hoverboard

£239.99 £199.99
Sale! Rolab R2 8 inch White Hoverboard Swegway

R2 White Swegway Hoverboard

£299.99 £249.99
Sale! Rolab R1 Green Hoverboard Segway

R1 Green Swegway Hoverboard

£229.99 £199.99
Sale! Rolab R1 Black Hoverboard

R1 Black Swegway Hoverboard

£229.99 £199.99
Sale! Rolab R2 8 inch black Hoverboard Swegway

R2 Black Swegway Hoverboard

£299.99 £249.99

R1 Carbon Fiber Swegway Hoverboard

£239.99 £199.99
Sale! Pink Hoverboard Swegway Top

R1 Pink Swegway Hoverboard

£229.99 £199.99

R1 Graffiti Swegway Hoverboard

£239.99 £199.99 Join Waitlist
Sale! Rolab R2 8 inch pink Hoverboard Swegway

R2 Pink Swegway Hoverboard

£299.99 £249.99
Sale! Rolab R1 Gold Hoverboard Segway

R1 Gold Swegway Hoverboard

£229.99 £199.99





Product description

Recently described as a hoverboard, swegway, self-balancing scooter, segway board, mini segway, electric scooter and dual self-balance wheel. What really is this device and what can it do?

Here at Rolab, we like to call the device a 'Hoverboard' or 'Swegway'. A hoverboards movement is controlled by the user leaning or shifting bodyweight in a certain direction. The smart gyros allow for the board to always keep the user upright whilst moving forward, backward and rotating. Most users learn the basic maneuvers within minutes of use.

Suitable for both children and adults, the R1 and R2 hoverboard can be used both indoor and outdoor. Although the R2 hoverboard is slightly advantageous outdoors due to the larger tire size.

The R1 and R2 hoverboard also come with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and Samsung battery.


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      THE KEY

      Swegway Features

      SAMSUNG Battery

      Powered by Samsung lithium-ion batteries, the range per charge of the R1 hoverboard out performs other segways in the market. Samsung batteries also assure fire safety of the swegway.

      Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

      Our engineers apply innovative thinking and well thought-through design to allow for the addition of a bluetooth speaker within each swegway. Stream music via bluetooth from your phone or other bluetooth enabled device directly to the R1 hoverboard.

      Dual 350W Motor

      Consisting of two 350W motors, the R1 segway hoverboard can not only achieve max speeds of 12km/h but allows for a responsive and smooth ride.


      13 Colour Choice

      Choose your colour

      The R1 swegway hoverboard is available in 13 colours. Choose between: red, blue, pink, white, gold, green, black, blue camo, pink camo, green camo, carbon fiber, urban and graffiti. Still not sure which colour you prefer? Click the 'view more' tab below, to view the product page for more images of each colour.

      Hoverboard / Swegway / Segway / Electric Balance Scooter Colours


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