Bluefin Hoverboard vs Rolab Hoverboards

Bluefin Hoverboards or Rolab Hoverboards?

Are you considering buying a Swegway hoverboard? Is your childs’ birthday around the corner or maybe you are looking to treat yourself? You are more than likely confused at the vast number of websites selling similar looking segway devices.

Bluefin trading and Rolab are both retailers of high quality hoverboards. There are many similarities between the two brands, however, there are definitely advantages when you choose to buy from Rolab hoverboards.

Check out our table below to see the reasons why the public is choosing to shop with Rolab hoverboards over Bluefin Hoveboards.

Comparison Table


Samsung Battery

Bluetooth Version

CE Certification

BS1363 (Safe) Charger

UL Certified Charger

1 Year Warranty

Extended Birthday Warranty

Free Returns

60-Day Return Policy

9AM - 6PM Support

100% 5 Star Reviews

Average Reviews


(One price = £199.99)

5.0/5.0 (100%)


(£299.00 to £379.99)

4.9/5.0 (Including 2 and 3 star reviews)

Let’s Conclude – Who’s Best?

Rolab’s R1 hoverboard and Bluefintrading’s classic hoverboard are very similar models in both build quality and features. However Rolab do not believe in overpricing products central to family life and enjoyment. With a £100 saving, Rolab makes hoverboarding affordable for everyone!

Services offered by Bluefin trading and Rolab also vary. Rolab offers an exclusive, extended birthday warranty, 9am to 6pm support and free returns – you do not get this service if you choose to buy from bluefintrading. If there is an issue with your hoverboard, both companies will fix your device for free. However, bluefintrading will expect you to pay for postage to and from their own repair facility – Rolab covers these expenses.

Customer feedback is extremely important. Both bluefintrading and Rolab collect genuine reviews from 3rd party sources. These reviews are heavily monitored and can not be faked. Bluefin trading and Rolab have great feedback through customer reviews! However, Bluefintrading can not compete with Rolab’s 100%, 5-star clean record. Bluefintrading is currently falling behind with a lower feedback score and unlike Rolab, bluefintrading has attained negative reviews (2 and 3 star).

All information was gathered 22 Mar 2017 @ 18:28.