Breezeboard Pro vs Rolab Hoverboards

Breezeboard Pro or Rolab Hoverboards?

Are you considering buying a Swegway hoverboard? Is your childs’ birthday around the corner or maybe you are looking to treat yourself? You are more than likely confused at the vast number of websites selling similar looking segway devices.

Breezeboard Pro and Rolab are both retailers of high quality hoverboards. There are many similarities between the two brands, however, there are definitely advantages when you choose to buy from Rolab hoverboards.

Check out our table below to see the reasons why the public is choosing to shop with Rolab hoverboards over Breezeboard Pro.

Comparison Table


Samsung Battery Cells

Bluetooth Version

CE Certification

BS1363 (Safe) Charger

UL Certified Charger

1 Year Warranty*

Extended Birthday Warranty

Free Returns

60-Day Return Policy

9AM - 6PM Support

100% 5 Star Reviews

Average Reviews


10/10 (100%)


8.1/10 (1 out of 5 customers leave a 1 star review!)

*Breezeboard pro do offer a 1-year warranty. However this warranty is for the charger, battery and charging components only. Rolab offers a FULL warranty which covers every part of the hoveboard including motors, motherboards, gyros etc.

Customer Review Comparison

Customer feedback is extremely important. Both Breezeboard Pro and Rolab collect genuine reviews from 3rd party sources. These reviews are heavily monitored and can not be faked. Breezeboard Pro and Rolab have great feedback through customer reviews! However, Breezeboard Pro can not compete with Rolab’s 100%, 5-star clean record. Breezeboard Pro is currently falling behind with a lower feedback score and unlike Rolab, Breezeboard Pro has attained negative reviews (1 and 2 star). In-fact one out of five reviews are a negative 1 star (20.9% of all reviews!). Let’s view some of these reviews:


  • Dreadful Customer Service – RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
“Bought this for my daughter for her birthday. After 5 mins cover fell off valve. After 1 hour my daughter touched side of door frame slightly when SLOWLY going through doorway and BANG…the inner tube snapped away from the valve resulting in the wheel deflating. At closer inspection, we noticed the METAL valve stuck out a lot further than the wheel which would be why she touched it on doorframe – but on the other wheel the valve was plastic and neatly tucked against the wheel. We felt this was a manufacturing fault to have it stick out so much so called emailed them about the problem. We did not hear back from them, so I called them and explained it all over again. THEY WANTED TO CHARGE US £80 TO FIX THE INNER TUBE after just one hour of use! We believe it is a fault with the design on one wheel – but they are not interested in meeting you half way, they just want your money! We have a distraught daughter whos £289 breezeboard is unusable after just one hour of use…. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES BREEZEBOARDPro!!!!!!!!! :(“
  • Customer service is shocking
“I bought a breeze board for my son in december 2016 as a christmas present. On boxing day it developed a fault and i was advised to return it to them for inspection. The arranged collection and have now had it for over 2 weeks. I have just rang them for an update having not heard anything from them, to be shouted at and told i will have to wait at least 3 weeks and they can’t give me any update on when it will be ready. The boards seem to be good quality, their staff and customer service however are shocking”
  • Another (Trustpilot) Review

“The board has stopped working and a red light keeps flashing – only 7 months old – they want £30 pick up fee then the cost of fixing the fault!! For a £350 present this is appalling – my son has only used it a handful of times – a total waste of hard earned money”


we personally think this is a very poor performance. Rolab hoverboards would not leave their customers feeling this way, and would definitely not treat their customers this way. The major issue here is the warranty provided by Brezzeboard Pro is very specific and does not cover all aspects of the board, many customers have been stung with a £30 collection cost and further repair cost – Rolab hoverboards do not charge any such costs. To check out our 100% track record, view our reviews page. If you’re interested in our hoverboards, checkout the different colours we have in stock below: