We’ve recently had a lot of customers calling us to purchase a hoverboard after being let down by a company called ‘E-Board Store or Eboard Store’.

We thought it would be best to do a little investigation and check what E board store was really about. Are they selling poor quality goods? Is the customer service poor? Are they are UK based company? Let’s have a look.

The website itself eboardstore.co.uk has a nice clean theme using the website builder prestashop, everything seems promising. However, the hoverboards are priced way lower than normal. In fact, half the price of other UK retailers.

e board store



Reviews are always a reliable way of viewing a companies reputation, based on their service and product quality. Unfortunately e-board store only has 8 reviews on Trustpilot, this is most likely due to the site only being 6 weeks old. We’re sure many more reviews will flow in shortly.

Here’s three of the latest reviews, collected from Reviews.co.uk and Trustpilot.com:


Noel L wrote Please do not use this company, it is a scam. Just check the contact details; they use a gmail address and have no phone number to contact. The returns address does not exist (the road is an industrial estate in Canterbury, but only goes up to number 20. The returns address is 24). Look at the website credentials on whois.com, the website was set up 60 days ago and is based in the US.
Always scan the website thoroughly, where they claim to be a UK seller but use a ‘Z’ in words such as ‘specialized’ and phrases such as ‘We are at your service from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 14pm to 17pm.’ No UK seller would ever word their website that way.
If you have made a purchase, I recommend you contact your bank straight away.”

Peter G wrote eboardstore.co.uk have not delivered and owe me money. eboardstore.co.uk have told me the delivery is not 3-10 days as advertised but “within 20 days” even though they show 991 items in stock of the chosen model. They have also not responded to my query 2 weeks ago, nor to my query 5 days ago. They have also not returned the excess money they owe me when I changed the model to the black Liberty Carbon due to the lack of availability of the original model ordered (E-CARBON 365).”

Steve Mcall wrote SCAM SCAM SCAM – DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE – you will get no product!! no response to emails, no delivery of product, currently going through claim with bank to get the money back but still annoying as was an xmas present for my son and money is short this time of year so hoping i get my money back in time to order from a genuine site.”



All reviews for e board store are 1 out of 5 stars.

Fake Address

As stated in one of the reviews above, eboard store is using a fake UK address. “24 Maynard Rd, Canterbury CT1 3RH, Royaume-Uni” is non-existent. The industrial estate unit numbers finish at number 20. This is a simple trick, to make the unfortunate consumer believe they are a UK company.

China Based

After extensive digging, we found no company details for Eboard Store. However, it is very clear that this company is China-based. This is due to the long length of time it takes for the hoverboards to arrive here in the UK. The most concerning this about this is that these hoverboards have not been checked by UK trading standards and therefore are more than likely not to meet UK regulations. The east has much fewer requirements for electronics than the west.


We’ve seen this before with the other Chinese site “hoverone” – boasting a 2-year warranty. Unfortunately if the device does develop a fault, and if this company does accept return for inspection/repair/replacement, you would need to pay huge fees to ship the device back to China. As we found with hoverone, some customers where saying return costs were in excess of £171 to China.

There is also no phone number available on the website, however, this comes as no surprise.

Illegal Trading

All UK e-commerce (online shop) websites have several regulations that they must follow. If these regulations are not met, the company would be effectively trading illegally.

We can confirm that E Board Store is trading illegally. The website has limited contact information and no company information such as a company or VAT number. This is illegal. They also have a fake, non-existent UK address.

It’s very disappointing to see that this website has not yet been closed down by Trading Standards.


Here’s a summary about Eboard store company:

• They are not a UK company, they are Chinese based
• There is no phone number or company details.
• They have terrible reviews in the market
• The hoverboards may possibly be dangerous, causing fires or injury

I have bought from E Board Store, what should I do?

We recommend contacting your bank and explain the situation. It’s most likely they will open a chargeback for the payment, after all, you have been fraudulently mis-sold goods.

If you have received a hoverboard and its functioning perfectly, we still believe that you should be concerned about the quality of the device that you are using. As stated above it may be a fire or safety hazard due to not meeting UK regulations.

Where to buy safe Hoverboards in the UK?

Well, of course, we’re going to say from us. We do currently have the BEST reviews in the UK market. Simply click ‘reviews’ at the top of our website to view these. Our hoverboards are fully certified for the UK market and dispatched from our UK premises. We are a genuine UK company and offer a genuine 1-year warranty. Any problems with your device? We cover all costs including postage. We say it time and time again, choose a hoverboard company that you can trust.

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Related Websites

eboardstore is also running another website which is targetting customers outside of the UK. The website is www.e-board-store.com. There is several other websites with similar names, however these are not related to eboardstore.co.uk in anyway, and are infact legitimate businesses, these include: e-boardstore.eu, e-boardstore.se and e-boardstore.no.