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Fun things to do with a hoverkart

Are you looking for something else to do with your hoverboard? Then why not convert it into a hoverkart and enjoy a different style of riding, new tricks and a new way to have fun!

From hoverboard to hoverkart

You might conjure up images of grand new technology and expensive new prices to boot but at Rolab that’s not the case. With our hoverkart add-on, you can simply convert your R1 or R2 hoverboard into a hoverkart. Once it’s built, all you need to do is attach the straps to the hoverboard and then off you go. Suitable for children and adults alike, this is a new way to experience hoverboard fun.

Setting up is easy too. Once you get the hoverkart accessory (at a very respectable £74.99 here at Rolab), installation won’t take long. You won’t need any tools, although we will provide you with a hex key, and you simply attach it to your R1 or R2 hoverboard using electric straps. No modifications, no adjustments, a simple fix and you can sit down and control the hoverboard using the handle.

Riding is easy. Push the handlebars to accelerate. Pull them back to stop. Want to go backwards? Pull them back even further. Turning left and right is easy too – just pull back on one handlebar while pushing forward on the other – when you read this out loud you’ll see just how simple it actually is. And once you try it out yourself, you’ll see that it’s a breeze to control.

Now to the fun parts

This is what you’ve been waiting for so without any further delay, we’ve listed the top Rolab things to do with a hoverkart that offer endless amounts of fun.

Spin like a spinning top.

Start off by putting something down on the floor, like a bag, and then drive around it. When you’re confident enough with your turning abilities, why not act like a road racer and start making donuts! Or crank the steering tighter and see how fast you can spin! This is fun for a while but make sure you do it in moderation because otherwise you’ll feel like you’ve been on the teacups at the fairground.

Wheelie good.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to master the wheelie on a hoverkart. It takes good judgement as you’ll have to adjust your speed and shift your weight backwards so the front of the hoverkart raises in the air while you still move. Master it though and prepare to have onlookers gazing at you, jaws wide ajar.

Just go for a ride.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most fun and this is the case when it comes to riding a hoverkart. Just take it out for a spin and enjoy the variation it brings while on a hoverkart compared to a hoverboard. Even better, why not strap on a Go Pro and record your journey, whether it’s a calm roll down a hill or a frantic race around a custom track. Speaking of which…

Pretend you’re Mario Kart in real life.

By far the best idea around. Get a bunch of friends, dress up as plumbers, dinosaurs and koopas and start racing. Build your own custom track and if you’re creative enough to design your own power-ups, then having this video game come to life will be one of the most fun things you’ll ever do.

By adding one accessory to your hoverboard, you can add a new dimension to your ride. Literally. Convert your hoverboard into a hoverkart and enjoy the latest trend of 2018.