Hoverboard Black Friday Sale 2018

Black Friday has arrived! This time each year, you have the chance to benefit from amazing promotions and discounts and it’s no different here at Rolab. We’re pleased to announce that our Black Friday deals are in place, with money off our popular Swegway Hoverboards. Whether you’re after one yourself or want to get a fun Christmas present for somebody else, why not buy today and save some money while you’re at it. And if you do buy as part of our Black Friday Sales, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our extended Christmas warranty.

Black Friday Deals

We won’t keep you waiting. We know you want to know what the special offers are so without further ado…here they are:

The C1 Hoverboard has been reduced from £199.99 to £179.99.
The R1 Hoverboard has gone down from £229.99 to £199.99.
The R2 Hoverboard has dropped in price from £299.99 to £249.99.

And as we know you might be buying for someone else this Christmas, your warranty won’t start until the 25th December, giving you a whole year’s warranty.

Save money on the C1 Hoverboard

For only £179.99 you can buy one of the best Swegway Hoverboards on the market in the shape of our Rolab C1 model. Classified as the beginner’s model, this is perfect for anyone who’s just starting out on their hoverboard journey. As all our hoverboards are suitable for ages seven and up, the C1 is perfect for any kids (and adults) who want their first hoverboard. And if your daughter, son, niece, nephew have been asking for a hoverboard for Christmas, this is the perfect choice. It’s not limited to kids either as the C1 is a great hoverboard to start out on, so don’t forget about your parents (and grandparents), uncles and aunts too! With 6.5-inch wheels, the C1 Rolab Swegway Hoverboard is ideal for smooth surfaces and light terrain. In particular it’s ideal for inside and with the cold weather and rain approaching around winter, it’ll bring hours of indoors fun. In fact, it’ll bring up to three hours of riding time after a two-hour charge so that’s plenty of time to take it for a spin before sitting down for Christmas lunch. Available in black, white, blue and pink, you can get a colourful hoverboard at a massive discount when you buy it as part of our Black Friday Sale. Don’t miss out.

Our flagship R1 Hoverboard at an affordable price

Ever wanted to listen to music while riding your hoverboard? With our flagship R1 Hoverboard, you can do that. And you’ll be able to do it knowing you’ve saved extra money (which is always nice). The R1 Hoverboard has been designed to provide an unrivalled hoverboard experience and if you plan on getting one this year, you won’t disappointed. Neither will anybody else you buy one for. This hoverboard comes with a range of extras which add some fun factor when you’re out riding. For instance, did you know that it’s Bluetooth-enabled? That means it comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker which you can connect to your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Create an epic playlist and then blast out music from the speakers as you ride around. If you’re getting this for Christmas then even better – load up some Christmas tunes and ride around the house on Christmas morning! The R1 Hoverboard also comes with a key fob which is a fun accessory. It has four buttons which can be used to lock and unlock the hoverboard but also to make a horn sound – fun to notify people when they’re in the way. There’s also no shortage of design options on the R1 Hoverboard – pick anything from black, white, green and red to our latest graffiti or camouflage designs. Whatever the choice, you’ll be able to enjoy our latest and greatest hoverboard for under £200 – something which you’ll be hard done to find elsewhere.

Premium R2 Hoverboard without the premium cost

At just £249.99, the Rolab R2 Hoverboard has never been such a good price. For the hoverboarding connoisseur or expert riders out there, this is the board that delivers everything you want. In contrast to the 6.5-inch wheels on the other models, this model boasts a mammoth 8-inch wheel which allows it to be used across rougher terrains. So if you want a hoverboard you can use outside and pretty much everywhere, then the R2 Hoverboard is for you. The bigger wheel size also helps it reach faster speeds and travel uphill easier. And while you’re out enjoying all the perks that the Rolab R2 Hoverboard has to bring, you can do it with music playing from the Bluetooth speakers and new LED bumper strips on top of the wheel arches, creating your own light show. If a top-class hoverboard which can be ridden almost anywhere is on top of your Christmas list then don’t miss out on our Black Friday Sale on our R2 Hoverboard. Stocks are going fast so act now to ensure you don’t miss out.

Our Christmas Extended Warranty

Whenever you buy a Rolab Swegway Hoverboard you’ll qualify automatically for our 1-year warranty. But we know that buying for Christmas is difficult – you might have bought a hoverboard in October or plan on buying one today to give on Christmas day. Good news then, as our Christmas Extended Warranty means that your warranty will only begin from the 25th December and lasts a whole year. You don’t have to do anything, no need to register – once you’ve bought it, you’ll be covered. So now you can buy a nice Christmas gift knowing that you’re not missing out on any warranty time.

Get Christmas sorted, today

Hoverboards make for an excellent present. Whether it’s for yourself or somebody else. And we’ve got three great models for you to choose from, all now at a reduced price as part of our Black Friday Sale. Buy yours today, enjoy our extended Christmas Warranty and make somebody’s Christmas extra special.