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The Segway Hoveboard Key FOB… What’s its purpose?

Key Remote FOBs are now an optional extra.

We’ve recently been asked many questions about the function behind the key fob. Does the key fob remotely control the hoverboard? Does the key fob turn the hoverboard on and off? What’s the purpose of this little gadget? Well here’s the answer!

Every Rolab hoverboard comes with a free Key FOB alongside other goodies. The hoverboard key fob is not an accessory that is not ‘required’, but more an extra accessory for a little fun. The key fob has four buttons and two functions. The bottom two buttons are used to make a horn/bleep sounds. The bottom button (sound 2) is lower pitched than the next up button (sound 1). The top two buttons are used to lock and unlock the segway hoverboard.

The top two buttons are used to lock and unlock the segway hoverboard. When the top button is clicked the hoverboard will be locked (put into sleep mode), although the hoverboard is still on, no functions of the hoverboard can be used, the hoverboard appears asleep. To activate the hoverboard click the unlock button below the lock button. The lock feature can be overridden by manually turning the hoverboard off and back on with the power switch located on the back of the hoverboard casing. It’s important to note that ‘locking’ the hoverboard does not turn it off; after use, always turn the segway hoverboard off manually.

There is also a light on the key fob which enables when a button is pressed. The light shows that the key fob is working correctly. If the light is not showing, the battery may have run out in the key fob. To replace the key fob battery, you will need to remove the back screw with a little Philips screw driver. The key fob takes a CR2032 (3V) lithium circle battery. The key fob also has a little clip that allows for the key fob to added to a keyring chain.

it’s as simple as that, another fun little gadget to use with your Rolab hoverboard!

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