***Update 01/09/2018 Hoverone is now trading as Hoverboardx through a new website***
***Update 01/03/2018 Hoverone website has been closed down***

We’ve recently had a lot of customers calling us to purchase a hoverboard after being let down by a company called ‘Hoverone’.

We thought it would be best to do a little investigation and check what Hoverone was really about. Are they selling poor quality goods? Is the customer service poor? Let’s have a look.

The website itself hoverone.co.uk has a nice clean theme using the website builder shopify. There are also several statements being boasted on the website including “UK’s #1 HoverBoard and Swegways”. So, what’s the catch? Let’s look into this self-proclaimed statement.


Reviews are always a reliable way of summing a company up. The TrustPilot score for hoverone is currently 2.8 out of 10. Bearing in mind all companies on TrustPilot start with a score of approximately 7. The majority (~90%) of reviews are consisting of 1 star reviews.

It’s clear that Hoverone UK have the worst reviews in the UK hoverboard market. Many reviews talk about how the hoverboard didn’t work upon receiving or the hoverboard breaking after a few days. Some reviews explain how Hoverone refuse to refund, or pay for the return costs of the faulty goods.



Here’s three of the latest reviews (from Reviews.co.uk and Trustpilot.com)


Diane Medhurst wrote “DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!! They are scam artists as they are not a UK company as advertised on their website but based in China. I bought my boys a hoverboard each. They arrived and worked fine for about a week before spinning and actually throwing one of my sons off. It took me months to get my money back and may emails from someone called Andy who tried to get us to drop our dispute so many times and was no help at all. Luckily paypal were amazing. KEEP AWAY and find a company that is definately based in the UK and can provide the customer service and quality goods you expect.”

Jamie Wildeman wrote “Absolute crooks. Stay away at all costs. My 11yr old saved up for her hover board and when it arrived the quality was poor and it was clearly not a UK product. It’s not safe and shouldn’t be sold. Similar to the previous post I’ve been dealing with ‘Andy’ who up to this point isn’t even giving me an address to post it back too. We’re on our 20th email at the moment and progress is slow. ‘Andy’ is obviously not based in the uk, his English is appalling, he works some strange hours, and he ironically starts each email with ‘happy to help you with your querty’ Which always makes me smile. Please, please stay away. One day my daughter might get her refund… I’m not hopeful.I’ll contact trading standards, not even sure they can help.”

Anne Clarke wrote “Please do not buy from this company! They claim to be UK based and CE certified, believe me they are not. I ordered a chrome blue 6.5′ hoverboard, it arrived the wrong colour, with 2 dents, a scratch and sharpe edges running along the bottom. Getting returns information was a nightmare so I had to open a paypal disbute, the sender gave an address in China to return the item to but guess what, hoverboards are on the prohibited list with all curriers so its impossible to send back with I had to call paypal to inform. In the meantime this so called Andy from the company is emailing me asking me to close the paypal case and he will send me an alternate address. Do not do this if you find yourself in this situation as you wont have a leg to stand on. A month on and I’m still having a nightmare, there is no way I’m dropping this and will be contacting trading standards. The board has a CE sticker on it but there is no model number/id which pretty much confirms it is fake, there is no CE certification and getting the china address also adds another nail in the coffin. This was an intended Christmas present for my 8yr old son, I was lucky enough to have parents who stepped in and gave me the money so I could buy another swegway from a proper reputable uk supplier (Rolab) until I hopefully get my money back but had I not had them do to do that then I certainly couldn’t of just gone and bought another and my son would of been without the one and only thing he really wanted for Christmas.”

Fake / Stolen Certificates

Most scarily, the certificates they are using on their website are certificates stole from another UK company; Bluefin. This is extremely concerning, if they are using stolen certificates, it’s more than probable that the products Hoverone UK are selling a counterfeit and do not meet UK regulations. These products may be unsafe to use.

China Based

After extensive digging, we found no company details for Hoverone UK. However the website is registered to somebody in China and customers have stated the product return address is ‘Xinxing Road #229, wuyi, Zhejiang Province 321300 China’. The majority of the hoverboards sold are being shipped from this warehouse in China.

It may be that this company once had a UK or Germany warehouse. However, Trading Standards are extremely strict on the import of hoverboards, it’s most likely that Trading Standards closed their warehouse or are preventing this Chinese company from importing large containers of hoverboards into the UK.

Instead they can use air freight, such as UPS or DHL to get possible counterfeit hoverboards direct to unfortunate customers in the UK.

Customer Support

The reviews state somebody called ‘Andy’ is the point of contact. This Andy person is very poor at written English, and is not helpful. He refuses returns of products for refunds or repairs. When he does accept a return, he expects the customer to pay the expensive return costs (£171) to China.

There is also no phone number available on the website, however, this comes as no surprise.

Illegal Trading

All UK ecommerce (online shop) websites have several regulations that they must follow. If these regulations are not met, the company would be effectively trading illegally.

We can confirm that Hoverone UK are trading illegally. The website has limited contact information and no company information such as a company or VAT number. This is illegal. Their terms and conditions state that you have 7 days to return an item for a refund. Legally you have 14 days under the consumer contract regulations act which came into force in the UK in June 2014, effectively replacing the Distance Selling Regulations.

It’s very disappointing to see that this website has not yet been closed down by Trading Standards.


Here’s a summary about Hoverone UK company

• They are not a UK company, they are Chinese based
• There is no phone number or company details.
• They are supplying fake certified products to the UK market
• They offer little to no support for faulty goods
• They expect their customers to send and pay for the return of faulty goods to China, costing £171 in return costs
• They have the worst reviews in the market (80% 1 star reviews)
• The hoverboards may possibly be dangerous, causing fires or injury

I have bought from Hoverone UK, what should I do?

Hopefully if you have been stung by Hoverone UK you have already received a refund through opening a dispute with paypal. If not, this is what you should do. If you can’t do this through their website, give them a ring on 0800 358 7911, their support staff are usually very helpful.

If Paypal are refusing to help, it would next be best to contact your bank and explain the situation. It’s most likely they will open a chargeback for the payment, after all you have been fraudulently mis-sold goods.

If you have received a hoverboard and its functioning perfectly, we still believe that you should be concerned about the quality of device that you are using. As stated above it may be a fire or safety hazard due to not meeting UK regulations.

Where to buy safe Hoverboards in the UK?

Well of course, we’re going to say from us. We do currently have the BEST reviews in the UK market. Simply click ‘reviews’ at the top of our website to view these. Our hoverboards are fully certified for the UK market and dispatched from our UK premises. We are a genuine UK company and offer a genuine 1-year warranty. Any problems with your device? We cover all costs including postage. We say it time and time again, choose a hoverboard company that you can trust.

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