How to calibrate your swegway hoverboard

How to Calibrate your Swegway Hoverboard

Hoverboards also known as swegways can be calibrated to readjust the balance gyros. This guide will teach you how to calibrate a hoverboard. It is important to note that this guide is specific to the Rolab R1 hoverboard, however there should be little to no difference calibrating a different branded or unbranded hoverboard. Calibrating the device is relatively simple and we have split the process into 8 simple steps for you.

Why and when you should calibrate your hoverboard

After continual use, or incorrect calibration, a hoverboard may shake, vibrate or move incorrectly. Hoverboards may also be more sensitive when steering left or right. If this has only started to happen it is usually due to the calibration being out of sync and is a simple fix.

Another common issue is when the foot pads of the hoverboard are not flat (level) when a user is standing on the hoverboard. This issue is most common when the hoverboard is out of sync due to calibration issues.

If your board is experiencing any of these issues it would be a good idea to calibrate the device. Here’s 8 simple steps to calibrating your hoverboard:

Calibration Instructions

  1. Charge the hoverboard to full capacity (approximately 2 hours).
  2. Disconnect the hoverboard from the charger and disconnect any Bluetooth devices connecting to the hoverboard.
  3. Turn the hoverboard off by holding down the silver power button, do not put the hoverboard into ‘sleep’ mode using the remote, the hoverboard needs to be fully shut down.
  4. Place the hoverboard on a flat service making sure that it is 100% level. If the hoverboard is not level it will be calibrated to this configuration.
  5. Press and hold the silver power button. The Bluetooth will enable and then you will hear a beep sound, continue to hold the button down for around 5 seconds.
  6. Press and hold the silver power button for a couple of seconds to power down the hoverboard.
  7. After a further 30 seconds, you may now press the silver power button to switch the hoverboard on.

Hey presto! The electric scooter should now be perfectly calibrated. We hope this article helped, if you have any further questions about calibrating your hoverboard (or if the calibration did not work) please comment in the comment section below. Alternatively you may contact us.

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