R2 Hoverboard Released

Introducing the R2 Swegway Hoverboard

Everybody likes a good sequel and at Rolab it’s no different. That’s why we’ve created the Godfather II of hoverboards and are very pleased to announce our brand new R2 Swegway Hoverboard. We pride ourselves on creating one of the most popular hoverboards on the market so you can imagine how proud we are with our updated, upgraded and improved version.

What to expect from the R2

Like all our Swegway Hoverboards, they can be used by practically anyone. Suitable for all ages from seven, it provides hours of riding fun. And we mean hours. You can expect to enjoy up to six hours ride time, all from just a two-hour charge. How do we do this? Easy. With our built-in Samsung rechargeable lithium-ion battery. That might be a mouthful when said out loud but we’ve made sure our hoverboards offer an optimal riding time. Like any device, there’s nothing worse than spending ages charging it just for the battery to drain. With the R2 Swegway Hoverboard there’s no chance of that happening.

To keep in line with our Rolab Hoverboards, the R2 also features LED lights and a built-in speaker. These added features have become very popular with our customers as it lets you connect your phone via Bluetooth so you can listen to your favourite music while riding your hoverboard. Now this can be done on the R2 as you put on some great tunes and take to rougher terrain.

R2 compared to the R1

While the R2 Swegway Hoverboard may share similar features to the R1, it does also have several benefits over it.

New and improved wheels. The R2 Swegway Hoverboard has eight-inch wheels compared to the R1’s six inches. This makes it much better to tackle rougher terrains and is noticeably easier compared to the R1. This also means that it’s more suited for the outdoors than the original R1 Hoverboard.
Faster! With bigger wheels comes faster speed. We’ve had the R2 Hoverboard clock up to 18km speeds. Along with the faster speeds, it is also better at handling uphill gradients and can take a 25-degree incline with ease, compared to the 20 degrees on the R1 Hoverboard.

Bumped up a grade. Just by looking at the pictures of the R2 Swegway Hoverboard, you’ll probably notice that it looks significantly bigger. This is due to the LED bumper strips on top of the wheel arches. Not only does it add more size but it also offers more protection against any bumps and scratches. The LED lights also flash various colours – an extra touch we’ve included to light up your riding experience.

How to get your hands on one

It’s easy. You can take a look at the R2 Swegway Hoverboards right here, select from a variety of colours and once you’ve made your order, we’ll deliver it to you the next day. We’ve also got an Extended Christmas Warranty available from the beginning of September to Christmas Day – buy a hoverboard during this period and it will be covered for a full year from when they’re opened (on Christmas Day if you can wait that long), as opposed to the day you bought it.