how long does it take to charge a swegway hoverboard

How long does it take to charge a swegway hoverboard?

When the doorbell rings and the delivery person is standing there with your brand new swegway, you want to grab it, open it and take it for a spin right away. Sad to say though, that’s not always the case. As with all battery-operated devices, the swegway’s going to need juicing up first before you can use it. On average, you’ll be looking at a couple of hours charging time to get your hoverboard up and running but it all depends on the type of hoverboard you get and the battery type.

The first charge

Charging your swegway hoverboard is easy. Simply plug the charger into the hoverboard and the other end into the mains. Turn it on and watch it come to life before your very eyes (not literally, though if you want to yell “It’s alive” like Dr. Frankenstein then feel free). As you’re charging your swegway for the first time, you should make sure you fully charge it before you use it. Once you’ve done that, you can then perform quick charges as and when you need.

How to know it’s charging?

If you’ve got a good hoverboard then the accessories and equipment that come with it will also be top quality. So, when you start charging your swegway hoverboard the charger will let you know the battery progress. For example, it will have a red light when it’s charging and a green light when it’s at full charge. Alternatively, the charger may not light during the charging process but will glow red, orange or green when it is fully charged. Whatever your charger does, it’ll let you know when the swegway is ready.

How long should it be charged for?

The average charging time for a swegway hoverboard is between 2-3 hours and this is applicable to the majority of brands. Obviously, others may differ but this depends on the size of the board or type of battery (a bigger board will take longer to charge) but most can be fully charged within this time limit. You also need to be careful you don’t charge your hoverboard for too long – if it only needs 2 hours to charge there’s no point leaving it plugged in for 10 hours overnight! As mentioned above, the charger will have a light to let you know when your battery is fully charged so you can use that as a guide.

How long will the battery last?

A fully charged hoverboard should give you anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours’ continuous ride time. Most hoverboards now come with battery light indicators which will flash when the battery needs to be recharged. Which is a lot better than just slowly coming to a halt!

Charging the Rolab™ R1 Swegway Hoverboard

The Rolab R1 Swegway Hoverboard is powered by Samsung lithium technology so when you get one of our hoverboards, you can ensure that you’ve got the latest and greatest technology behind you (or underneath you). Our hoverboards can be charged up in 2 hours and in this short space of time you’ll receive an impressive 6 hours of ride time. The power supply has an indicator light situated on the top. If the indicator shows red, the hoverboard still requires charge, once the light turns green, the board is ready to go! You can find out more about our hoverboards here.

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