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How to Ride a Hoverboard – From Beginner to Master in Minutes!

You may be buying a hoverboard for your child’s birthday or even a gift to yourself, but have you thought… how long does it take to learn to ride?

The length of time majorly depends on the user’s confidence. Some people jump on the board and they are off, others take a little longer to acclimatise to the foreign movement. However, don’t fear – the majority of users have the basics mastered within 5 minutes. We’ve seen all ages learn to ride our R1 hoverboard, from as young as 5 and all the way up to the majestic age of 100. There’s definitely a learning curve with the hoverboard. Once you’ve got it, you’ve really got it. The only requirement is the users weight, the R1 hoverboard is designed to respond to a minimum weight of 40lb / 18kg / 2.9 stone and maximum weight of 220lbs / 100kg / 15.7 stone. We don’t recommend users with a weight above 220 lbs to use the hoverboard as they make cause a slight bend in the chassis over-time.
We advise supporting a first time user when they are stepping on to the hoverboard. Once they are feeling a little more confident and they start to understand the balancing mechanism you can let them free. We’ve noticed that first time user’s bodyweight will slightly jerk backwards and forwards, we believe this is due to the brain trying to counterbalance the hoverboards counterbalancing gyros, the less you think the easier it is. After 5 minutes you will be whizzing around… we promise! But first let’s give you a little more guidance.

Stepping on and off the hoverboard

Before starting make sure the hoverboard is fully charged or at least not flashing orange. Turn on the hoverboard by pressing and holding the silver power button for 1 second (do not hold the power button for longer than 3 seconds as this may set the hoverboard into calibration mode). Many people ask us if the LED have to be facing forwards, but quite honestly it doesn’t matter, you can have them facing forwards or backwards.

Ok, lets get on this thing. First start by lightly placing one foot on the hoverboard (preferably your most dominant foot). Try not to put force into the placement of the foot or this make cause the device to shake (as the force will equal less than 40lbs – the minimum requirement). With your dominant foot roll the hoverboard upright. Whilst holding onto something or someone, confidently step onto the hoverboard with your alternative foot. Try not to overthink it. We recommend placing your feet as far apart as possible. A wider stance allows for a better stability and control of the device. Try following the video below.

how to get on a hoverboard

Moving forwards and backwards

Great! You’re now on your hoverboard. Let’s get you moving. Start by moving the hoverboard forwards, to do this, slightly shift your body weight forwards – the quicker and further you shift forwards the faster the hoverboard will go. Repeat this process for a few minutes. Get on, get off, move forwards, reposition and repeat. Once you’re ready to go backwards just do the exact same but shift your weight backwards! Remember, practice makes perfect.

how to go forwards on a hoverboard

Turning the hoverboard

Turning left or right on your hoverboard is a very similar concept to moving forwards and backwards. The hoverboard is split into two independent parts (the left foot section and the right foot section). To turn left, push your right foot forwards and/or your left foot backwards and to turn right push your left foot forwards and/or your right foot backwards. This might sound a little complicated when reading but once you’re doing it you really don’t have to think about it – you will just think “I want to go over their” and you will just go. Similarly to going backwards and forwards, start with slow turns and then try speeding the turns up when you get more comfortable. Once you’ve got this mastered you can try turning whilst moving forwards or backwards for a wider angle turn.

how to turn a hoveboard

There we go, minutes later you’re now a master on the hoverboard. If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the blog post bellow or to send us a message through the ‘contact us’ section. Thanks for reading!

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