Rolab new hoverboard urban

Rolab Goes Urban – New R1 Colour Available

Picture the scene. You’ve decided to get a hoverboard and you’ve come across our R1 Rolab Swegway Hoverboards. You’ve already decided that it’s an amazing price for an amazing product. But what colour and design do you go for? Why not try something new, something special, something a bit urban. We’ve released a new design – the R1 Urban Swegway Hoverboard, and it could be perfect for you.

Why the R1 Swegway Hoverboard?

There are many types of hoverboards out there. We won’t lie. But we are a well-established retailer of hoverboards to customers all across the UK. Read our reviews and watch our videos and you’ll find out that Rolab sells hoverboards that are long-lasting and provide hours of fun!

The R1 Swegway Hoverboard is our original hoverboard and is a fan favourite. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery powered by Samsung. With just two hours of charging, it can last for up to six hours in use, an impressive time by industry standards. It also comes with LED lights on the front and a built-in Bluetooth speaker. All you have to do is connect your phone or Bluetooth compatible device to the hoverboard and you can ride around while listening to your favourite music. With many people using hoverboards inside or in private areas, having music to play at the same time has proven very popular and is one of the most appreciated extras we have on our hoverboards.

Safety is a key element of riding a hoverboard, especially if you’re using your urban designed board round an urban environment! That’s why we ensure each and every one of our hoverboards pass all the UK regulations. We have hundreds of pages of documentation to prove this – you want to see it? Just let us know.

Who is the Urban Design for?

Simply put, anyone. It doesn’t matter your style, you’re going to look amazing while steering one of our R1 Urban Swegway Hoverboards and people will be looking on in envy. As our hoverboards can be used inside and outside, the new urban design will look good anywhere. Using it at home? It’ll look great cruising down the hall. Using it outside? It’ll look stylish and sleek as you cruise around listening to music.

We’ve spent a lot of time making sure that our R1 Hoverboards are kept up to date. That’s why our latest versions are all 2018 models – we keep innovating and upgrading so you don’t have to worry about getting an older model. And the new colours, including green camo, pink camo, carbon fiber, graffiti and blue camo are all available now. Well, they’re available for a limited time only so there’s never been a better time to get hold of the R1 Urban Swegway Hoverboard. Especially as it’s been reduced to £199.99. You can find out more about it right here. This will give you an overview of the hoverboard, pictures of the brand new design and information on what you’ll get in the box once you’ve made your order.