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Rolab Launches S1 Swegway Hoverboard on Kickstarter Crowdfunding Website

Rolab is proud to announce the official S1 campaign launch on kickstarter. Kickstarter has a great reputation for bringing projects to life. Our goal is to offer a new, revolutionary swegway hoverboard to the United Kingdom and the European Union.

What does the S1 offer?

The S1 is like no hoverboard seen before. The S1 is a complete upgrade in comparison to the classic hoverboards. Some of the new features include; detachable battery pack, app tracking, LED display screen, 100% symmetry (left to right) and most importantly – gravity balance gyros.

The S1 stands for ‘symmetrical’ version 1. The left and right side of the hoverboards are completely symmetrical. This design was based around two requirements, the demand for better balance and the need for a centered, detachable battery pack, being away from other components – creating a safer hoverboard.

Classic hoverboards use infrared sensors, the S1 utilizes gravity sensors. Gravity sensors are new era technology of 2017, offering improved performance, lower defect rates and reducing unwanted hoverboard shaking.

The safety of many hoverboards has been questionable. However, the S1 swegway passes UL2272 certification meaning it is the safest of the hoverboard generations. The battery pack situated in the middle of the device is distant from all other electronics. Many hoverboards in the past have caught fire due to shorts between electronics and the lithium ion battery pack.

The Rolab S1 app has various features, including but not limited to; hoverboard speed settings, sensitivity settings, LED light control and GPS tracking.

On top of the S1 hoverboard is a LED handle. The LED shows the battery level, speed of device and also temperature of the operating motors. The handle also makes for easy carrying of the device that weighs in at an impressive 12kg.

How does kickstarter work?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website. Creators of campaigns offer rewards to people who pledge money, people who pledge are referred to as ‘backers’. Kickstarter requires a funding goal for each campaign to be put forward, the funding goals are all-or-nothing. Therefore, if a kickstarter campaign does not meet its goal, no one will be charged for a pledge. The funding goal for the S1 hoverboard is £12,000. There are various rewards available including the S1 hoverboards itself, replacement battery packs and even a distributor pack.

What rewards are up for grabs?

‘Early bird’ S1 Hoverboards (£299.99)

The first batch (early-bird) S1 hoverboards will be available in July 2017, a £299.99 pledge will secure your place for an early-bird S1 hoverboard. There are only 200 early bird hoverboards available. Offered in 6 colours – White, Black, Blue, Red, Green & Pink, there are approximately 30 units for each colour available.

‘Overflow’ S1 Hoverboards (£329.99)

The second batch of S1 hoverboards will be available 1-month later in August, a pledge of £329.99 is required to secure an overflow board. The number of overflow hoveboards available is not restricted. The Overflow S1 is also available in the same 6 colours as the early bird swegway hoverboard.

Replacement Battery Pack (£99.99)

It makes sense to offer replacement battery packs. The S1’s unique, detachable battery pack means that if a user is using the hoverboard on a long journey, the battery pack can be switched out once exhausted, for a fully charged battery pack. Of-course the battery packs are rechargeable.

Distributor Pack (£5,800)

If like you are looking to add the latest swegway hoverboard technology to your retail store – here’s your opportunity. 20 Distributor packs are available. Each pack contains 20 hoverboards of your colour choice. A single backer can pledge to buy more than 1 distributor pack. Once the kickstarter campaign has finished we will continue to provide S1 hoverboards to your retail store if requested. Feel free to contact us for further information if you are interested in becoming our partner!

A big thank you! (£1+)

Not everybody wants or can afford an S1 hoverboard. If you love the idea and would like to contribute, donations are always welcomed. £1 is the minimum donation we accept due to the fees incurred during the payment process.

If I pledge, when will I be charged?

We’re glad you’re on board with the new S1 hoverboard! Your debit card will only be charged if we meet our £12,000 funding goal. If the goal is never met, your card will not be charged. We hope to see you joining in on our kickstarter campaign, if you have any questions, please comment on our campaign or send us an email through our contact center.

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