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Swegway Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker Guide

Rolab hoverboards have built-in speakers allowing the ability to play music via Bluetooth. When you are cruising around, you can play your favourite music directly from the Rolab swegway hoverboard. The hoverboard will output any sound, this includes music, phone calls, device notifications etc.

Here’s our guide on how to connect to the Rolab Bluetooth hoverboard. You should also be able to use this guide if your hoverboard is not Rolab branded, however, the device name shown in Bluetooth settings may be different. The photos below are screenshots taken from an iPhone (Apple) device, if you are attempting to connect to the hoverboard via an Android phone the screen display will be different from the photos below.

How to connect to the Bluetooth speaker

1. To pair the Rolab device with another Bluetooth enabled device make sure both devices are turned on.

2. In the pairing device navigate to Bluetooth settings and select to pair with the hoverboard, the device name is NNC. On an iPhone simply tap the name ‘NNC’.

hoverboard bluetooth connection

3. Once paired the hoverboard will make a notification sound. You should also see a ‘paired’ status in the Bluetooth device interface (this depends on the device you are using, to connect, to your segway hoverboard).

swegway hoverboard bluetooth connection

4. Output sound from the paired device will now be played through the Rolab internal speaker system.

Volume Adjustment

Unfortunately, you cannot directly adjust the volume output of swegway hoverboards. However, if you adjust the volume output from the connected device, this should, in turn, alter the volume output from the swegway hoverboard.

Does my Swegway Hoverboard have Bluetooth?

All Rolab hoverboard have a built-in Bluetooth speaker system, if you are using another branded swegway hoverboard and cannot see a device to connect to in the Bluetooth interface, there is a chance your hoverboard does not have a built-in Bluetooth speaker system. Most hoverboards announce that they have a Bluetooth speaker upon booting. For example, the Rolab hoverboard announces ‘Bluetooth mode’ upon boot.

Bluetooth Connection Troubleshooting

If your hoverboard no longer makes notification sounds it may be that the speaker inside is no longer working, speakers can be damaged by water damage or may have developed a defect. If your hoverboard is still making notification sounds however the Bluetooth is not showing in the Bluetooth device interface, you should try using another device or recalibrate the hoverboard. We also advise referring to your Bluetooth device manual guide (phone etc) in regards to how to connect to another Bluetooth device (the hoverboard).

If you do have any further issues, we are always here to help. Simply drop us an email. If you do have a Rolab hoverboard and it is not connecting correctly, please let us know, we will repair the device free of charge under its 1-year warranty (if still applicable).

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