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Why are Swegway Hoverboards on eBay so Cheap?

You can pick up a swegway hoverboard on eBay for as low as £120. So why are these hoverboards so cheap? The eBay listing description often states that such hoverboards use a Samsung battery and are fully certified, so are they the same as Rolab swegway hoverboards?

No! Is the answer.

Below we have summarized a few of the difference between eBay and Rolab swegway hoverboards:

1) 95% of hoverboards contain FAKE Samsung cells. The seller will most likely believe the hoverboard contains genuine Samsung cells, however, the cells will be mass produced in a china factory and wrapped with fake Samsung wrapping.
2) The battery pack will most likely be much smaller than the Rolab battery pack. This means the hoverboard will not travel far and will need frequent charging.
3) The product will not be truly certified. CE certification can be done in house. Meaning a factory can state their own product is ‘CE certified’. Always buy from a reputable company that has the correct certification and checks in place.
4) The product will not pass UK customs. Many Chinese exporters are importing to countries such as Germany, because there import regulations are much more lenient! Once in Germany the product can be shipped to a warehouse (by truck) or to your door via a courier such as DHL, FEDEX or UPS.
5) Internal hoverboard components will not be identical. Although the hoverboard will be the same model number, one hoverboard may use a different motherboard to the next.
6) Factories often use recycled/refurbished parts. Factories may produce a ‘new’ product by collecting and putting together refurbed parts to save on costs.
7) The factory will use non-qualified engineers to produce the product, therefore, cutting costs on labor.
8) The factory will have low quality control procedures, to again, cut costs.
9) The product may be shipped directly from China to your door. In the case of a faulty product, when returning the product to China, under the warranty (if it has a warranty) you will pay large (£80+) shipping fees.

We cannot stress these points enough. If you do choose to buy from a non-reputable eBay seller the risk is high. Such poor-quality devices have been directly linked to fires and disasters particularly in the European Union and United States. With hoverboards, you truly get what you pay for. Please feel free to browse our online store, if you have any questions, our support staff are on-hand via email or phone to assist.

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