what is the real name for a hoverboard

What is the real name for a swegway hoverboard?

You’ve probably heard lots of names floating around – hoverboard, swegway, scooter-with-no-handles, handle-less Segway, mini Segways, smart balance wheel – let’s face it, there are lots of names for it. But we know that we’re all talking about the same thing – a self-balancing scooter. It just so happens there are lots of different ways of talking about the same thing!


Come on, let’s face it, this is the best name around. When we think of hoverboards we think of the future, (and a certain 80s film), we think of high tech skateboards and we think ‘cool’. We know that it’s not actually a hoverboard and we’re a long way off. We know that the hoverboards you see today actually have wheels and don’t float. However, the word hoverboard has now been bandied about so much, it’s stuck. When you say it to someone now, they know you’re talking about the ‘self-balancing scooter’. Or as we would say…hoverboard.


No, it’s not Sean Connery saying Segway, it’s ‘swegway’, another name for the hoverboard. As hoverboards became popular across social media the name for the actual board itself has distorted over time. Lots of people are debating on the origins of the name, you can even head over to Urban Dictionary (not that we’d recommend it as the source of truth) for entries into how the name came about. To us it sounds like a cross between ‘skateboard’ and ‘Segway’, perhaps with some swagger thrown in.

Mini Segway

Another term we’ve heard used to describe the hoverboard is the mini Segway as it’s easy to compare it to the Segway. The Segway is a brand (not the name of the gadget itself) and became very popular in the early 2000s. They’ve been used at many activity centres and quite often you’ll see people on stag dos or hen parties riding through the woods on them. So it made sense to call the hoverboard a mini Segway as it’s a smaller version, albeit without the handles.

Smart Balance Wheel

Another unique name for the swegway that you don’t see too often and one that we’re not too sure about as it makes it sound like it’s only one wheel. And we’re pretty sure that’s a unicycle! If you search for a smart balance wheel now however, you’ll end up with results for hoverboards of swegways so the name has become synonymous with hoverboards.

Self-balancing Scooter

Although this is technically what the hoverboard is, a self-balancing scooter on two wheels, it’s not exactly a name that rolls off the tongue. It describes what the gadget is but it’s not going to win anyone over with a name like that! If someone sees you on it and asks what it is, are you likely to say:

a) “This? It’s a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter
b) “It’s a hoverboard!”

We know what we’d choose.

Swegway Hoverboard

At Rolab™, we’ve combined the two most popular and recognisable names into one for our R1 Swegway Hoverboard. That way there is no mistaking what it is. Take a look for yourself.

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