What is the best hoverboard brand?

What is the best hoverboard brand?

Rolab swegway hoverboards

With a question like that, it’s obvious that we’re going to be biased and say us! We’re not just blowing our own trumpet – we are the UK’s number one most trusted and established swegway retailer and there’s a reason why we are the best.

1. Safest in the UK

When hoverboards first hit the UK market they came thick and fast. But it also meant they weren’t of the best quality, nor did they meet Trading Standards. There were stories of batteries exploding and hoverboards becoming unusable. It was our mission to ensure the people of the UK can enjoy a hoverboard that is made from quality components, rigorous design and is Trading Standards approved. The Rolab™ R1 Swegway Hoverboard does just that. It also boasts CE certification, a genuine Samsung battery and has over 100 pages of testing documentation (which we can send to you if you request it).

2. Great price, grand design

The R1 Swegway Hoverboards are available at only £229.99 which are very competitive in the hoverboard market. But you get a lot more for your money with us, as well as inclusive accessories such as a carry bag, safe UK charger, manual and key fob. Our hoverboards are also available in seven different colours.

3. Extra Perks

It’s not just about the board, but, the company you are dealing with. We believe that Rolab customer service and terms and conditions are unbeatable. We offer a full unrivalled 1-year warranty, 60-day return policy, free 24-hour delivery, delivery text notifications and lots of other perks!

Other Brands

We want to stay somewhat impartial so we’ve taken a look at some of the other top hoverboard brands around.

Bluefin Trading

One of our close competitors, Bluefin Trading offer good quality hoverboards. They often sell online via their retail store. while they are similar to Rolab, we do have the advantage over them. Check out our comparison table to see why.

Breezeboard Pro

Breezeboard pro also offers hoverboards to the UK market. Unfortunately, they received major negative press in late 2015 for not supplying hoverboards to people who had bought a hoverboard through their online web store. Breezeboard pro is still trading in 2017.


Razor offer a slimmer hoverboard with its Hovertrax 2.0 which makes it more portable. It’s known for its efficiency with a good battery life but due to its small size, it’s perhaps more appealing to children.


EPIKGO pride themselves on providing “the indestructible self-balancing scooter board” with their all-terrain machine. It has large wheels and 400-watt dual motors which allow it to travel across the majority of surfaces and not be limited to flat ground. It also boasts that it can travel up 18-degree inclines. However, with all its stability and power comes a big price tag.

Halo Rover

Another indestructible hoverboard, the Halo Rover is an all-terrain hoverboard with big wheels and big motors. It is designed and based in the USA, uses certified LG batteries and has an aluminium frame that makes it the Wolverine of hoverboards. It also comes with a Bluetooth and mobile app that allows you to play music from the hoverboard speakers and track your speed and battery life.


We’re including this one on the list because it stands out from the crowd. The OneWheel can be described as a self-balancing skateboard and comprises of one big wheel in the middle of the board (so you’d stand on it like a skateboard). Although it won’t last long distances, it does boast an ultra charger to quickly give it a boost so you can get back on it. OneWheel originally started from a Kickstarter campaign and boasts a ‘new generation of motor technology’. Unfortunately, that new generation costs about $1,499.

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